Friday, May 28, 2010

Brookwood Hills Brad Heppner Renovation

We swim at Brookwood Hills pool. So for three glorious months every summer I get to drive around this beautiful intown neighborhood that was developed in the 1920's by Benjamin Franklin Burdett and his son, Arthur. Besides my own neighborhood (Peachtree Heights East also known as the Duck Pond neighborhood), Brookwood Hills and Ansley Park are my favorite Atlanta neighborhoods. I like the dense urban feel and the lack of yard work!

All of last summer I watched the progress of a Brad Heppner renovation in Brookwood Hills. The house has special meaning to me because my aunt and uncle lived in the house most of my childhood. The best wedding party we had was at this house after our wedding (if you're planning a wedding I highly recommend this idea - which is to keep entertaining the out of town guests). Everyone is so relaxed and all of the pressure is gone.

Anyway, back to Brookwood Hills. Yesterday, I drove past the renovation and it was complete. I couldn't resist taking photos. The house began it's life as a modest four over four with a center hall. When my aunt and uncle lived there it had an addition on the back with a kitchen, family room and master bedroom. Today, there is actually more usable outdoor space than before the renovation. There is a grassy courtyard that you can see in the pictures below and also another courtyard behind the new garage. The kitchen, keeping room and new family room open onto it. Despite the fact that the house takes up a good bit of the lot, I think it is well situated and blends in nicely. (Full disclosure, they have more green space than I do now).


  1. It's a beauty. Brookwood Hills is one of our very best: hidden, a dead end, in the forest, compact lots, some very special houses and yards. There is a corner house/garden that really punches my buttons, a drive with a curve and lots of urns. I'll bet you know which one. I feel like I'm intruding when I cruise.

  2. Helen, I loved learning of your connection to the Brookwood Hills house. The current owners have great pride in their home. An amazing thing occurred as a result of this addition and renovation. While we added footprint to the house, we actually ended up with an increase in useable outdoor space. What you can't see from the street is that there is a courtyard behind the garage addition. The existing kitchen keeping room and new family room above the garage open into this space.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. That's so great that there is a courtyard behind the garage. If memory serves me correctly, before the renovation it was all a concrete parking pad - so to gain green space when renovating is remarkable. The whole renovation is superb - all of the architectural detail is beautiful.

  4. Thanks for posting this Helen. I noticed this house some time last summer I believe while riding through the neighborhood. It immediately stood out to me and I wondered about it. Recently I noticed the house when perusing Brad's website and I said "ahh" to myself, "makes sense now why I like it, it's by Brad H."

  5. Beautiful house! I go to Brookwood Hills on occasion to pick up or drop off kids at friends houses, and always think that I need to walk my dog in there one day to really take in the beauty and diversity of the architecture.

  6. Helen;
    Ironically, Dan and I looked at this house years ago and considered purchasing it. Obviously, that did not happen. Friends of ours now live in the hosue and did the renovation. I too have really enjoyed watching it - I'm hoping to get a peek inside sometime soon!