Saturday, June 5, 2010

2010 Church Hill After Photos

The new owner of my old Church Hill house was kind enough to send me these photos of the house. He has just finished a renovation in which he rebuilt the stairs, took out the columns, added shoe molding everywhere, removed recessed lighting, relandscaped and redecorated. I think he worked on the kitchen also, but I don't have photos yet. Hopefully he'll send those along when he takes them.

Rebuilt stairs - I had forgotten about the beautiful detail under the stairs! The newel post looks amazing.

The living room and former dining room, now used as two parlors/living spaces.

Reading nook at the top of the stairs

One of the new light fixtures

Thanks so much to the new owner for sharing!


  1. Wow, he did a lovely job. It doesn't hurt to go home again!

  2. I love all the images! How wonderful for a peek at your old residence, I was awaiting these photos! I bet you were so excited!

  3. Looks beautiful, love his neutral palette (and his klismos chairs)! I hope Jane Douglas has fun, cannot. wait. to see. pictures!