Monday, June 28, 2010

New Monday Feature! House of the Week

On Mondays we are going to feature a "house of the week." These will be houses that we like and admire in Atlanta and other places we travel.

We are getting started with a charming Atlanta cottage that was purchased to be renovated, but then had to be torn down to the foundation due to some damage that was unknown when the project first started. Norman Askins is the architect and Richard Anderson the landscape architect. Jackye Lanham reportedly did the interiors, but we don't have photos of the inside. Perhaps we will all see it in a shelter magazine in the near future. Enjoy!

I love these windows on the front screen porch. This house could be in the mountains...


  1. All those great, crisp details. In the 3rd picture the drive / steps / gate / fence have big time high style. It looks so modest. I'll bet it's big and rambles deep into the lot. OK with me if you have a Tuesday house of the week too. Can you give me a hint on where it is so I can do a drive-by?

  2. Terry -
    Just sent you an email with directions. Hint - there are ducks nearby....

  3. Oh wow, what hood is that one in? I love the side yard and the fence! Keeping this for future inspiration.