Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Japanese Scrolls

Source for image at right

We are having a large Japanese Scroll framed for a client and can't wait to see how it looks. The scroll was owned by the client's mother and is 10 feet long and features two birds (possibly cranes or herons). It is quite dramatic and will be the statement piece in the entrance hall. To learn more about Japanese painting go to Artelino.

When we took the scroll to one of our favorite frame shops to be framed (Caroline Budd Picture Framing) Caroline told us that the scrolls in Japenese homes were changed seasonally and were kept rolled up while being stored in the off seasons. Our client's scroll depicts one bird looking up and one looking down and Caroline thinks it may be a marriage scroll. The male bird, who looks up to the sky is pondering things spiritual and eternal and the female bird, who looks down, is taking caring of earthly things. Interesting. We're picking up the piece this week and will have the great reveal then.

image from here.

The scroll we are using looks similar to the one second from the left.

Hanging scroll


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  1. You're such a tease. Looking forward to the finished piece :)