Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Second Entry in the FTRB "What's Your Style In One Picture" Challenge

Earlier in the week I entered a photo in FTRB's "What's Your Style in One Picture" challenge. Since there are two of us, I figure we can have two entries. Now it's Jane Douglas' turn to enter.

Jane Douglas loves this room and says it has all of her favorite elements: the bamboo blinds, seagrass rug, chippendale back chairs, casual cushions, symmetry of furniture, objects, and art on back wall, loads of light from outside. She loves that the room is casual enough for anytime and formal enough for a lovely dinner.

photo via Architectural Digest, design by Scott Snyder of Palm Beach

Reminds me of her own gorgeous dining room, pictured below:


  1. Helen, your dining room is gorgeous! thanks for letting us see it.

  2. That's Jane Douglas' dining room - it's fantastic, I agree.

  3. I love the chairs in the dining room,

  4. PS. Now following via bloglovin as well

  5. Both dining rooms are gorgeous! Every time I come across those chairs, I have to use all my willpower not to bring them home. I love them so much! Thanks for participating in the challenge, Jane via Helen! Hope you two have a great weekend!