Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From the Archives....Wasting Time?

I like details - I like a room to look finished. To me, that includes the waste baskets. After we had settled in our house and things were feeling finished (for the moment) I woke up one day with an obsession (okay I have a few of these) to have the right trash can in every room. So I set out on a mission to find beautiful waste baskets(yes, beauty applies to waste baskets too). They are not that easy to find. Even on the web, you have to spend some time to find attractive waste baskets that aren't insanely priced. Of course, you can always use things that are meant for other uses but work as trash cans, like painted metal planters. There are many of those available at Hill Street Warehouse in Atlanta. I occasionally find decent waste baskets at Homegoods also. Remember this one?

Here's what I found on the web...

In the Etsy store Decorative Instincts there are lots of great trash cans. The Imperial Trellis waste basket in the top image is covered in Kelly Wearstler's fabric from Schumacher, and is from Decorative Instincts as well as the next two.

This one uses a Schumacher wallpaper, Chenonceau. I featured it in an earlier post. Hopefully this wallpaper is going in a client's powder room and now we have the perfect waste basket!

At this Etsy shop,Vintage things 4 sale I found this Florentine waste basket

At Worlds Away I found these beauties

Here's one from Gracious Home

The Pink Giraffe has these cute monogrammed waste baskets that would be great in a bedroom

And this handy waste basket from Tapestry Crochet blog is fun

Ballard Designs always has something stylish to offer

You can also create your own waste baskets to perfectly complement your rooms. I used some spray adhesive, extra wallpaper and pretty gimp to create this one and the one at the top of this post:

You can never waste too much time in pursuit of the perfect details!


  1. Helen...thank you so much for doing this post, could not be more timely!! Just YESTERDAY I was searching online for them... a good friend of mine just moved and it kind of turned into a funny tradition that when I move I buy her a wastebasket, one for her bathrooom and one for her powder room..I had bought some about 8 yrs ago when she moved that she loved so much then she moved again so I got her others from the same company and now thats she moved again (and this is final!) she asked that we keep our tradtion alive but the company is now out of buiness:( So on the prowl for some great looking ones and you came to my rescue! Got some great leads...thanks!~

  2. Who knew something so utilitarian could be so pretty. Great collection of pics. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I do not know if the tradition continues, but the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club used to sell waste baskets that had been made in their woodworking shop and decorated by famous designers (and a few like myself). It was part of their fund raising efforts, and a successful one at that. Can you imagine owning one actually painted with a one-of-a-kind design by Albert Hadley or Mark Hampton? This practice could easily be adopted by decorator showhouse or antique show committees across the country as a way to support a worthy cause, and help beautify America.