Thursday, March 3, 2011


We have lots going on at Whitehaven - and busy is good! Some photos that have been inspiring us this week as we work on a couple of kitchens and bedrooms:

above, interior design by Palmer Weiss

above, bedroom by Liz Williams

above, an Amelia Handegan bedroom

above, Cathy Kincaid kitchen

Celerie Kemble bedroom

Love this window seat and the shades below:

Mirrored night stands ...

image via decorpad

Lisa Epley bedroom

Phoebe Howard bedroom


  1. Wow all these are sooo beautful. The standouts for me are the mirrored nightstands, a love...and the Cathy Kincaid bedroom, the window seat and anything Phoebe Howard does has the magic touch. All beautiful light, breezy, elegant inspirational pictures..just in time for a new season. Great post! Stop by my post...doing an amazing giveaway for stunning Murano handblown glass lamps....have a great day!

  2. I have done a couple of projects (not pictured here) decorated by Cathy Kincaid whom I like a lot. But I have to say those hanging lights over the kitchen island are too bizarre for words!

  3. Love the reading nook by Palmer Weiss & the chandelier in the decorpad bedroom. About the hanging lights mentioned by the previous commenter: 1)Do they detract from the other beautiful elements in the room? I think so.; and 2)How much illumination do these fixtures really provide with the "pans" under them that seems to me would block the light?

  4. As more on the pair of lights over the island, I am sure I would appreciate these decorative fixtures in another type of location, much further apart, and without the added candle with shade element. Perhaps the glossy ceiling helps bounce light downwards, but the island would have benefited from a more direct wash of illumination. I love decorative lighting and often create special fixtures for my projects, but they have to work in addition to looking good.

  5. I couldn't agree more about those lights over the island - they are a very strange choice indeed. I love the ceiling in the kitchen and the feel of the room in general. A prettier fixture would have been more in keeping.

  6. You've inspired me as well. Beautiful bedrooms! Lovely blog as well. You both have great style sense. I just purchased a clad house in Charleston, SC. Now comes the fun part.....decorating!
    AK xo