Monday, March 7, 2011

House of the Week

Look what I found:

A Neel Reid that is new to me. I have driven by the house on numerous occasions and wondered if it was a Neel Reid. Last weekend I happened upon the owner while he was working in the yard and I learned a lot about the house.

The delightful owner told me that the house was built in 1916 and Neel Reid was the architect. (I can't find the house in any of my Neel Reid books, but the owner was told by a woman who lived in the house as a child in the 1920's.) It was originally painted white and has been a green/gray color and is now yellow. The slate roof and red tile driveway are original, as is the clapboard. The current owners have lived in the house for 32 years and are the longest residing owners of the house. Across the street is another Neel Reid house up on a hill (hint - stay tuned for next week's HOTW).


  1. This house has oodles of curb the yellow and the red charming. You can see it has good bones and appears to be lovingly inhabited.....always nice to see "an old gem" being taken good care of:)

  2. Given the massing and proportions, I am surprised it is clapboard as it has a Frenchy accent otherwise. The segmental arch dormers are noteworthy as that feature is so often mangled in new houses today. Although the elegant French doors open onto nothing and the flower boxes are empty, they are handsome features and were often used by N Reid, no? It is a very good looking house and I am sure the rooms are well proportioned too. Another great selection for HOTW!

  3. ooohhhhhh..... I love it! How great that you got to run into the owner! You are so smart to have suspected that it was a Neel Reid, and then taken the time to find out. bravo! glad I stopped by today to see this.

  4. So much charm and character...thrilled you ran into the owner!!

  5. Yea, a yellow house. Looks like a happy place.