Monday, March 14, 2011

House of the Week

Another Neel Reid Druid Hills house. This one is across the street from last week's house of the week. It was built in 1917 for the Louis Regenstein family and is Italianate in style.

From J. Neel Reid Architect , by William R. Mitchell : "Characteristic of Reid's work was the concentration of a few boldly scaled ornamental elements at focal points on otherwise comparatively plain facades. There is often a hipped roof, villa-like rectangular horizontality, a central block with side porches, sometimes wings, placed in landscape garden settings reached through french doors, very much in the manner of 'casual classicism' of Charles Platt. ...nearly always with the Italian Renaissance villa set in the back of his mind." (pg 74).

The house was for sale recently, here are interior photos from that listing.


  1. I know this one. I wonder if it sold.

  2. What a unique and charming house, inside and out. Ideally, the new owners will improve the landscaping to better compliment the fine architecture. It must be a lovely street.

  3. Lovely....the front door caught my eye as it appears so off center but it works in that its quirky but still elegant. Inside was a nice surprise...looks really updated and well taken care of. Love that bathroom and the stair bannister. Only thing that needs some tlc is that driveway but like everyone's I am sure that is the result of a brutal winter!!