Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crops - As In Corn! And New Interior Photographs of This Tudor House

This is really cool. The owners of the empty lot next to this beautiful house have a big garden - I see corn. Wonder what else they planted? I love a garden of fresh vegetables in the summer...

above 2 images via Whitehaven

Bill Baker designed this house which was built in 2007/08. Rabaut Design Associates did the interior design. The kitchen in the house was featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Kitchen of Year Contest.

While I was sleuthing around trying to find out who the builder of this house was (it's Lester Custom Homes), I discovered photos of the house right after it was finished. It is surprising how different the house looks decorated versus raw. I really enjoyed looking at these photos because this house was built at the same time mine was, right around the corner and I always wondered what the inside was going to look like. I like seeing the house with no furniture. The house is Tudor, but the inside is not all dark wood. It's a bright fresh approach to Tudor style. Let's look at the photos...

A few of the entrance hall from the builder's website. I have never seen the entrance hall on either the designer's website or in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles:

I love seeing all of the architectural detail - notice the stone floor, I always wondered what they put on the floor.

2nd floor landing

The detail behind the large limestone piece on the front of the house.

Living room from the builder's website.

Above 2 images are the living room from Rabaut Design Assoc.

Dining room via Lester Custom Homes

Dining room via Rabaut Design Assoc.

The Lester Custom Homes website says this is the family room.

Sitting area in the master bedroom. Image via Rabaut Design Assoc.


Above, the now famous kitchen, image via Lester Custom Homes.

The kitchen as pictured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles (photography by Erica George Dines).

The designers, stylists and photographers really change the look don't they? Which photos do you prefer?

A few more images from Lester Custom Homes -

Basement Rec Room - image via Lester Custom Homes

laundry room, above 2 photos from the builder and below from the designer

To see more of the inside of this beautiful Bill Baker designed house - click here (look under Garden Hills Residence). Interior design by Rabaut Design Assoc.


  1. I remember this laundry. One of your neighbors?

  2. In Garden Hills, so it's a few blocks from me.

  3. Wow, so light and airy! My kind of decorating! And the architecture...!!! splendid!

  4. Great, great sleuthing work!

    I did a post on this house, and the owner invited me to see the house after I wrote my post. The house is really beautiful, and the back yard is stunning. It was interesting to talk to the owner about her lessons learned while going through the building process. She told me about things she changed and modified while the build was in progress, why she made certain decisions.

    I loved seeing these pictures as I had not tuned into some of the architectural details, I was focusing on the decor when I saw the house.

    The house is quite large - the attic space is finished and is used as a playroom and office space.

    I think the empty lot next door is owned by a relative, so they are using it as a garden until the relative is ready to build.