Friday, July 16, 2010

Parlez-Vous Français?

I happened upon Marie Claire Maison the other day while I was researching a post. At first I thought - darn, it's in French I can't read it - but then my brain kicked in and I remembered that I took 5 years of French and I in fact could read much of what was on the website. Very cool - also, it made me feel younger than my current middle age. My brain is still somewhat responsive!

So, I love the images on Marie Claire Maison. Many of the rooms are not as finished as American houses. They are inviting, lived in, beautiful, aged and not perfect.

Que de belles chambres!

all images via Marie Claire Maison


  1. "not as finished as American houses."-- So that must be why I like the French style so much! I SOOO like their relaxed, lived-in rooms with absolutely sophisticated yet unstudied looks.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful images. It's funny, I just posted a comment on someone else's blog about how the house they featured (in the Italian countryside) looked so right because it is not trying so hard - it just fits well in its environment, and looks effortlessly beautiful. I think a lot of the houses we see in the magazines are so done - undeniably beautiful, but so perfect. Maybe it is because so many of these houses are new, who knows, and so many of the European spaces are old.

    The picture with the 3 arches is on the cover of a book on Parisian interiors, and is one of my favorite archway pictures.

  3. Ceiling height. You need ten feet. Chandeliers have a chance to be visible but not intrusive. Art has more space around it to enhance the individual painting or sculpture. Small rooms do not feel like little boxes, and big rooms do not feel like the catacombs.