Monday, April 11, 2011

House of the Week

Charles Case House - architect, Neel Reid

This house could be considered many people's favorite house in Atlanta. It was my grandfather's favorite and is often called The Eagle House because there are eagles on the stone wall at the entrance to the courtyard. It was built from 1919-1921 for the Charles Cases and was called Somerset. In designing the house Neel Reid was inspired by Tintinhull in Somerset, England.

image via Architecture Tourist

It's one of Neel Reid's best in Atlanta. Perfect in scale and size...not too big, not too small, just right as Goldilocks would say.


  1. Its so understandable how it could be considered to be everyones favorite..its spectacular! Love the limestone and graceful restrained lines...the long windows and elegant entry, this is just incredibly beautiful!! Is it privately owned? Atlanta has so many gorgeous homes!

  2. It is one of my favorite Atlanta houses from the street. The proportions and details of the front elevation are beautifully presented. Despite taking care to match materials, the rear additions are disappointing, however. Your readers might be surprised to learn it was originally modest in plan after the entrance hall, living room and dining room across the front.

  3. Come at it from Moscogee. It takes my breath away. It's as if it was teleported from another place and time. Credit Neil Reed Prize winner Clay Rokicki for the images comparing Tintinhull to the Case House.

  4. I agree Terry. I love to approach it from Muscogee, in fact I often do this on the way to JD's house so I can see last week's HOTW and this one on the same drive. There are so many beautiful houses on that stretch of land in Buckhead.

  5. What a gorgeous entry and love the home with it's wonderful symmetry. Thanks for sharing...