Saturday, April 2, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new...

is a decorator's motto. Just had some new bedding made for my master. Peps it up a bit, don't you think?

Below is version #1 - right after we moved in...

This is version #2 below, which really bugs me now... it's muddy.

Much brighter and happier now...


  1. What tall windows you have.

  2. Three great looks! I'm on a bit of a geometric kick so Im partial to the last one, but I love how you've been able to use the "staples" of the room in different ways.

  3. I would have never guessed that it could be so much nicer in picture #3 but you did it, by gosh, you did it. Brilliant.

  4. It's great to liven up and refresh a space with a new addition that gives the room a whole new twist!

    I am trying to decide my approach to the master bed. I tend to like more of a Phoebe Howard style bed, with no duvet, but rather a tailored quilted bed cover. My designer likes the duvet look. Do you use the duvet more as decoration, or do you actually use it as a cover at night? Is it used seasonally?

  5. We do use the duvet 3/4 of the year and in the summer just take it off the bed at night. In general I prefer the very southern, traditional white bed with white percale sheets with monograms, white cotton blanket, white pique coverlet (can have embroidery or monogram) and then a duvet at the foot of the bed. The most traditional approach is to have the duvet be white also and have embroidery to match the coverlet. On a king we use 3 euro pillows. You can add 2 pillows in front or just a bedroll. In my room I needed the pattern and so added the geometric on the pillows and duvet to liven things up.