Wednesday, April 13, 2011

White kitchens/White curtains

image via decorpad

I have been thinking about kitchen curtains and window treatments a lot recently. For a client and for my own kitchen. The client's kitchen will need window treatments that block some light, especially in the afternoon. Her kitchen faces West and is on the front of the house.

In my own kitchen I have finally figured out what to put on the windows to give us privacy from the new house being built next door. I am ordering 41 yards of white linen for curtains and a roman shade and will post pictures when it's all finished.

For the client and just for fun, pictures of white kitchens with pretty and interesting window treatments...

image via Simply Seleta

images via decorpad

image via country living

image via kelly interior design blog

image via Cote de Texas

A few images with more colorful window treatments...

interior design by Kathy Kincaid

image via decorpad

image via House Beautiful


  1. From the home of a white kitchen I like the brick columns/antis/pilaster effect in the Simply Seleta kitchen.

  2. I'm so interested in seeing how you'll resolve your own kitchen situation...I remember your temporary solution...:)

  3. Sometimes Bottom-Up shades are a good solution, giving lower privacy but allowing a view of the treetops and sky. Or a half curtain combined with a roller shade is a good idea. Anything that can either be laundered or wiped clean is practical in a kitchen, otherwise the fabric absorbs the smells.

  4. So beautiful! Nothing like a well done white kitchen with cabinets all the way up to the ceiling, luscious white marble...gorgeous perfection! Love it!

  5. Your re-doing your kitchen window treatments? Will be interested in seeing the outcome.

  6. Yes, I'm re-doing the kitchen windows. The ones I made ended up being a temporary solution to the problem of privacy with the neighbor. Now that the house next door has brick and is painted you really notice it from the breakfast room. So I am trying to block out the neighbor's house, allow us to have privacy at night and I think the solution will end up being elegant as well. I'm ordering the fabric today and my curtain guy is starting to work on them next week. Exciting!