Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Great Scroll Reveal!

Remember when we posted about working on framing a scroll for a client? Well, it was delivered and hung yesterday and we are thrilled! Best of all - the client is thrilled. The scroll was framed by Caroline Budd Picture Framing. Caroline is the best!!!

Caroline suggested no glass since that would squash the scroll, and they are really meant to be seen without glass in front. So the question was how to frame this beautiful scroll without distracting from it. Caroline suggested creating a large box (like a shadow box only no glass) and that it be black. Then Jane Douglas, Caroline and I picked a silk to go behind the scroll. The silk is black so you can't see it in the photo, but in person it adds depth to the framing. Caroline also told us that the scrolls really need to be hung not tacked or glued down, so she put a pretty hook at the top of the box and the scroll hangs from that (can't see the hook in the photo either - it's black) . Pretty clever. It looks great - thanks Caroline!


  1. I like the big top and bottom margins, not the proper technical term I'm sure. What is the theory?

  2. Packs quite a punch! Lovely!