Monday, July 26, 2010

House of the Week

This week the house of the week is a Peachtree Heights Tudor owned by shop proprietor and designer Kay Douglass. I remember this house (from my morning dog walks at the duck pond) before the Douglass family owned it - it was a little bit ramshackle and there were random sculptures and items in the front yard. Kay Douglass has kept the house's charm while updating and freshening it.

I love the steel casement windows.

The porch, closeup photo of it without these lanterns is below.

All photos above via Whitehaven

This house has been featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles and also in some lighting advertisements, which you can see at the Limestone and Boxwoods blog.

The kitchen via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles,
photo credit Mali Azima

Kitchen eating area - via Limestone and Boxwoods

The porch, via Limestone and Boxwoods

Kay Douglass clearly likes Tudor style houses - her previous house, featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, was a Tudor also.

Look, here's artwork by Atlanta artist Helen Durant (my aunt) in Kay's previous house -

image via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles
photo credit here and above William Waldron

Only three degrees of separation...


  1. Great pick for house of the week. I've taken some ride-by photos of it myself and will save yours too.

  2. love these pictures and your blog !