Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sister Parish Design - On Decorating

If you have not read this book by Susan Bartlett Crater and Libby Cameron, and you love interior design - go get it immediately. It's like sitting at a round table discussion with the best in the field today. I read it at the beach in June and couldn't put it down.

Speaking of Sister Parish, a few images of Parish Hadley design -

image via sara gilbane interiors

image via desk of annie

image via style court

Yellow Oval Room, 1962 via Chameleon Interiors

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  1. I love the Alan Campbell designed fabrics in the first two photos, the own apartments of Parish and Hadley, respectfully. And that was a trend-setting use of chintz for the Ann & Gordon Getty room in the third photo. The fourth photo is most interesting for its lack of pattern.