Thursday, July 15, 2010

Red Kitchens - love 'em or not?

One of the most famous red kitchens in blog world. image via Southern Accents

I have a red kitchen. Not the cabinets, the walls. Many designers will tell you that red in the kitchen is a big no no. That it's too strong a color, that it's not relaxing, that you will be stressed when you cook in a red kitchen. (Mark Hampton wrote in his book On Decorating that kitchens and bedrooms should never be red.) I disagree, mainly with respect to kitchens. I'm not sure I would want to sleep in a red bedroom. But if that makes you happy go for it, because I love my red kitchen! The red is warm and enveloping and very homey - all words I would associate with kitchens.

When we were building our house, and the kitchen was coming together, the site supervisor told me one day that my kitchen might be an homage to the University of Georgia since their colors are red and black (I live in Atlanta). I was worried (I love UGA but not enough to have a UGA theme kitchen!), but calmed down when my better sense kicked in. It doesn't look like the UGA Spirit Store.

I adore red in a kitchen. Before I painted my walls red, I thought hard about painted red lacquer cabinets. Following are images of red kitchens to inspire us....

Would you paint your kitchen red? Would you have the walls or cabinets be red? Leave a comment - we love to hear your thoughts!

Sarah Jessica Parker's kitchen in her Hamptons house. image via Jennyology

image via country living

image via country living

image via this old house

This kitchen is in a house for sale near me. images are from the listing

image via marie claire maison

image via apartment therapy

Can you see the red walls in my kitchen?

images via Whitehaven


  1. Red is a color I like while flipping through a magazine, but not one I'd want to live with very much in my own home. Red is so hard to get right!

  2. I love red too, but have chickened-out on using it in my kitchen mainly due to the floorplan and having the paint match/blend in adjoining rooms. Your kitchen is beautiful and is giving me second thoughts... Love the wreath on your hood - what a neat idea. Dene

  3. Yes, I want to do my kitchen Red. Red is my favorite color. I am just deciding what shade of red to use.

  4. I am planning on painting my kitchen red and leaving my existing cabinets and appliances white. I am limited to vinyl flooring and need suggestions for colors to coordinate with existing red oak hardwood floors that meet in the threshold from the dining area. Suggestions?

    1. How about black and white checkerboard or a slate gray tile?