Saturday, July 31, 2010

Purple, love it or leave it?

Not everyone loves purple, but I do! And it's done so well in Nina Campbell's London residence featured by Veranda. I love everything about the room above, it's traditional yet whimsical, pretty but not too serious.

To see the rest of the feature - click here.

all images via Veranda, photography by David Parmiter


  1. Love it. It doesn't have to be obtrusive. It's a great accent color and in many cases, it's very simply a great wall color. If I were brave enough, I would love to paint a bedroom a pale purple.

  2. I'm in the love it camp. I keep thinking I'll move away from it (in my home) but then I just keep going back. It, quite simply, makes me happy.

  3. I'm recovering a settee in my entrance hall and have decided it will be purple. Pulled some samples today (purple ultra suede and purple linen). I think the purple linen wins. It's a light lavender with gray undertones.