Monday, March 8, 2010

Bringing the Outside In

Spring is coming, or so the weathermen tell us. Today in Atlanta the forecast calls for us to reach 69 degrees F! Thinking of Spring reminds me of one of our decorating recipes for success - bring the outside in. By that we mean, fresh flowers and plants help a room to come alive - literally. Having fresh flowers and plants in the home brings the life and the beauty of nature inside. Flowers need not be fancy or extravagant (although that is fun once in a while) - a simple arrangement or house plant will suffice. Some photos to inspire -

The flowers in this Amelia Handegan living room above are simple and elegant. See mantle flowers in the mirror? (Image courtesy of Southern Accents)

These orchids on Handegan's own mantle are simple and perfect

(Image via Southern Accents)

Enjoy this beautiful day!

Unless specified otherwise, images from Whitehaven


  1. I don't automatically get the flower feeling. But on Friday wife grabbed a couple of tulip plants for the daughters. They dug them.

  2. Helen, here is my post about the foyer:

  3. Thanks Terry! I love a good photo tour and now I know what's in the turret. I adore the ceiling! and the front door! Great job.