Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Decorate with what you love

I was thinking about what makes my house a home. To me, it is having things around me that I love. And most of the things I love in my house were not really bought with decorating in mind. I bought them because I loved them and then found a place for them...(which can sometimes be tricky...!). I found these awesome 1940's lamps at Gramercy Home in Atlanta. First, I had to have them...then I figured out where to put them! And my husband did the same thing with the Carolyn Carr painting over the fireplace. We moved many things around to find the perfect spot.


  1. i always think about this when i step into my home after a long day out. i immediately feel a sigh of relief at being "home", an sometimes I wonder what it is about this place that makes me feel this way. i agree that it's about surrounding yourself with things you love. i used to always shun things that i didn't automatically have a place for, but i've found that i'll have buyers regret if i don't get it and it's gone later. i love the fact that my hous eis really coming together over time.

    ps--found you via architectural tourist . . .

  2. Hey Girls - Thanks for the shout-out! The lamps look fabulous in your living room. So glad you are enjoying them so much...we always love when our stuff goes to someone who will love it!