Friday, March 12, 2010

Field Trip Report - Treasure Hunter

Let me begin with the fact that I have an awful cold and am really foggy, so the photos from my field trip are a little off. My camera on my phone is so much better than my old one though - so at least we have that. I love a good field trip and decided not to let being sick stop me.

So, of course I went to Scott's at the Atlanta Expo - it's the second weekend of the month after all. I hit all of my favorite dealers and strolled the entire South building. Skipped the North building since I felt crummy. One of my favorite things about being a designer is the treasure hunt part. Roaming around looking for the "perfect thing for that one spot" is heaven to me.

Here are the treasures I spotted today - with prices listed (if I can remember them).Those lovely stools above are $850 for the pair and are at the first booth you see when you walk in the far left door of the South building.

Pillows are $75 each - great price! Love the bench, great at the foot of a bed, but no one was there to tell me the price.

Double caned bergere - $275

Italian pottery from Wild Olive Company

Can you tell I was tired here? I cut off the top of the chairs!

These are great chairs and are $500 for the pair, at the Antiques and Decorative Things booth.

The best news of the day is that I scored a great buy, which I am working on rehabilitating and will blog about that when it is finished.

Will post a few more pictures later, going to rest now.


  1. Love those stools and black bamboo chairs. Couldn't help but think the dealer should have left his/her cell phone # if they had to step away.

  2. The space with the pillows you loved belongs to Douglass Workroom in Atlanta. So sorry we missed you - will be sure to leave a contact number next time! Our office number is (770) 458-4677.