Saturday, March 6, 2010

My adventure at The Dump

Friday morning was the grand opening of The Dump in Atlanta. Since there was so much buzz, and I had been watching this thing come together (it's less than 2 miles from my house) I thought I'd pop over for a quick visit. Three hours later I returned home with 2 good purchases (one for me, one for a client) and some tired feet.

This place is big! I read on their website that it's five acres of furniture. It's a warehouse setting, with low overhead and they are only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - which saves them money. The sales pitch is that they pass those savings along to the customer. They also buy in bulk, buy overstocks and close-outs and again they say there is no middle man, so the savings are passed along.

This is not high end furniture - it's middle of the road. They do have interesting home dec accessories in the front (when you walk in the front doors, head left and stay towards the front), they are very inexpensive. This was my favorite area. To the left of this home dec section, are the tv's and large leather sofas and chairs. Rugs are in the far left corner of the warehouse.

The middle area of the store contains lots and lots of sectional sofas, 3 seat sofas, love seats, chairs and leather ottomans - mostly very casual. To the right of the seating area are dining tables and chairs and behind them are the mattresses and other bedding. At the far right end of the store are large furniture pieces - armoires, entertainment centers etc. Mirrors and 'art' hang on the walls.

The sales people were very helpful and friendly and they even put a piece on hold for me while I called my client. The most difficult part of the process was the checkout. The computers were slow and they have to create an account for each client (but once you're in, you're in for good). Then you have to sign a bunch of paperwork and head over to the pick up area. I was told there would be a 30 minute wait for my purchase and it was at least that. They give you a buzzer just like you get at a restaurant. Once your buzzer goes off you drive to the pick up bays and they load up your car.

I would go back, but only maybe once a month. The prices seem pretty good. One last hint, they were expecting 15,000 people to walk through the doors over this opening weekend. Unless you need something right now, I would wait a week or two to check out The Dump.

Here are a couple of things that caught my eye.

Remember how much I like ottomans? These are $77

This 4 panel screen below was quite striking in person (photo is bad).
Coming tomorrow...what I did with my dump finds!


  1. Helen, is this your aunt from the 2009 cruise?

  2. Thanks for this info and the photos, so good to know! I didn't know your aunt is Helen, I read this on wonderful Terry's blog. I hope to meet her one day, I have several friends who adore her, and of course I l-o-v-e her work. Best wishes on a fabulous weekend.

  3. Hi Terry -
    Nope, that's not her. I'll send you a photo.

    Tina -
    I love her work too - it's all over my house -30 years of work!

    Enjoy this beautiful weather!