Monday, September 20, 2010

House of the Week

Sea Island!

I know summer is over, but as you may have guessed from my husband's guest post on Friday, I played hooky for a few days and went to the beach. Came back refreshed and relaxed - and I took some beautiful photographs that will be featured on the blog all week.

There are many memorable houses on Sea Island - but I particularly like this one. The gates and iron work on the house were reportedly made by Atlanta artist Andrew Crawford.

There is a courtyard between the main house and the guest house/pool.

The guest house (above)

Stay tuned all week for more great Sea Island photos!

Click on images to enlarge.

photos via Whitehaven


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Thanks for the introduction to Andrew Crawford - what talent.

  2. LOVE so much. I must have missed your hubby's post, will go check it out now. Good to know another fab ATL artisan.

  3. Stop this, stop this right now. No going to the beach, no Sea Island, no Sea Island houses. This really hurts on a Monday morning.

  4. Oh to be there!! You two are just great though to bring us such beauty!

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    Art by Karena