Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pretty Houses

I can't go anywhere without taking pictures of pretty houses. So of course that's what I did last weekend at Sea Island. We also visited Darien, GA which is on the cover of Southern Living this month.

These houses below are from Darien, GA. The first was on the cover of the September issue of Southern Living.


  1. You can whip right past Darien and never know. It's worth taking a little detour into Darien every time you are nearby. It's just 10 or so blocks to take in. Go east on 1st to Vernon Square (Vernon Circle would be more accurate).

  2. I went to Darien with two girlfriends, ummm, maybe six years ago. Charming, and Terry is right.

  3. Nice, when you can have such a passion for something :)

  4. This is really what the rest of Georgia looks like. I love this--it reminds me of Madison and Milledgeville, too (where my grandparents live) These evoke such feeling for me!