Friday, September 24, 2010

Library Bookshelf Lights

There are several different ways to light the bookshelves in a library: overhead bookshelf lights, directional bookshelf lights, sconces on the bookshelf, and swing arm lights on the bookshelf. We are exploring all of these possibilities for a client and needed some images - here's what we found.

image at right Ciao Interiors

above and below Bunny Williams libraries

image via Cote de Texas

Another Bunny Williams library, image from her website

Bunny Williams again, image via Cote de Texas

Miles Redd library

Miles Redd

Gil Schafer's library, via Cote de Texas

Charlotte Moss Library

Markham Roberts, via Cote de Texas

Which lighting on the bookshelves do you prefer?

Have a great weekend and be sure to check in Monday for a fantastic House of the Week! The house was designed by a famous Atlanta architect and is on Sea Island.


  1. I have some sort of cosmic connection with Gil Schafer. In all the photos I'm looking for a stool to reach the top shelves.

  2. Ladders are great for reaching the top shelves. Our client has this really cool leather ladder that fold up into a tube when not in use. It's beautiful and practical.

  3. Swing arms are my traditional favorites for general lighting and setting the mood.

  4. I like the swing arms too. Miles Redd seems to make evetything work. Great post!

  5. oh, I love them all...but I have a soft spot for sconces.

  6. I really love the Charlotte Moss bookshelf lights. They work perfectly! And are super cute.