Monday, August 9, 2010

House of the Week

This cozy house was once a hunting lodge. It's a favorite of the Architecture Tourist. It was renovated by Revival Construction within the last ten years - perfection!


  1. Bravo! But not particularly photogenic is it? It's hard to capture how it's sighted and landscaped. In person you can see how this modest sized house on a tiny corner lot shows its rambling face to the street while evoking a sense of privacy. It's beautiful. And because of its size, it seems attainable. I drive by nearly once a week and may today because it's on my new errand route. Thank you.

    There is another, a stone one on Lindbergh towards Peachtree. You know which one. Beautiful, smallish but it doesn't seen so attainable.

  2. That may be one of my very favorite houses!!!!!!

  3. That board-and-batten and those shutters are amazing. Love it!

  4. Well, I just did another drive-by after a rambling errand run north of Paces Ferry by many intimidating high style mansions. I'm still in love with this one.