Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pillow Talk

Above, the way it used to be...16 pillows!

Last week I received 3 pillows from my pillow/curtain maker. Oh how I love pillows. In my opinion you can never have too many pillows. The other four members of my family do not agree. They don't like having to move all of the pillows to sit down. But I won't budge on this - pillows make the room for me. So we have lots of pillows in every room. Especially the master bedroom.

So, I came into my room the other night (that day I received the new pillows - one of them was for my bed) and my husband was sitting in our closet. I asked him what he was doing in there and he told me that he just couldn't deal with how many pillows were on our bed. Now, I think we have actually gone down in the number of pillows on our bed from a year ago (there might have been 16 at one point - see photo above). Currently there are 11. Anyway, here is the gorgeous new pillow made from Kelly Wearstler's fabric that I purchased from the Designer's Attic. Love it!!!

The way it is now, with added new pillow. (A few months ago I changed the matelasse coverlet to a quilt and also changed the European pillows to match the new quilt. I also switched out the cover on the comforter and added matching smaller pillows.)

The new pillow for my bed, Kelly Wearstler fabric, purchased here.

Speaking of the Designer's Attic, I purchased some Barbara Barry fabric back in the Spring and had it made into these 19" pillows below. Aren't they fun? They are for sale. Email me at if you are interested. The inserts are down, and there is a zipper in the bottom of each pillow.

Do you have a pillow fetish?


  1. No pillow fetish here but it seems to be a genetic predilection for designers. I picked out one pillow for our latest redo. Gordon and JoAnn humored me by accepting it. And really, it's pretty good but and I don't wish to try it again.

  2. Too funny. This is the number one husband/wife argument we hear about in the shop - pillows. Men always want less and women more. We really are from two different planets!